What I do


I pride myself on motivating individuals to do the best that they can, and assembling teams that can push the dial in an organization.

I have an honest and approachable style that allows team members to feel at home and have a safe space to challenge themselves and others, including our direction.


I love technology, I really do. It also drives me crazy at times! (printers, I’m looking at you).

I believe there are incredible opportunities for technology to improve and influence the daily lives of customers, citizens, and business partners. It’s not just technology for the sake of technology, but technology to enable the {business,partner,customer,citizen} to {do more, do it faster, faster, better, cheaper}.

Technologies and ideas I love to work with

Cloud (specifically Azure), but I also have worked a lot with AWS.
Office 365 (Except for Yammer – sorry)
Linux (Debian is my favorite to work with, but have also worked a lot with RHEL / Centos)
Docker – This is super cool and has made my life easier on a regular basis
Python – I can just get stuff done in Python
JavaScript – I’m still learning this more deeply, and I am learning to love it
Web technologies – APIs, GraphQL, and most things related to back-end webdev, and I’m starting to learn VueJS.

Of course, I have worked with many more technologies than the ones listed above, those are just the ones I’m passionate about today.