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2023-03 Retrospective


Oh my goodness, I hate boats! There are so many complications that arise just from the fact that it’s a floating thing… We managed to rid ourselves of our boat, but after a lot of stress and time. In general, what I’ve observed is that we (as a family) are not great at maintenance. We can buy things, sure, but we are generally not very good or committed to upkeep.


I’ve started a “Coaching Agile Transformations” course. I’m pleased with it so far, and am actually interested in the coaching aspects. Much of the aspects of change management and so on aren’t all that terribly new to me, but I’m enjoying it regardless.

The approach to asking coaching questions is really interesting to me. My organization’s leadership has expressed an interest in “being agile” and what’s come to light is in a coaching style, coming to determine what is the actual goal? Agile isn’t the goal, agile is a tool to use to achieve the goals you’re seeking.


AI is on fire. As a paying subscriber to ChatGPT, GPT-4 has been amazing.

I used it to create a basic back-end and front-end service for an app that I’ve always wanted to make ( Gave it some basic prompts and it walked me through how to create everything, culminating in this basic screen:

I dont’see AI replacing us just yet, but certainly being a tool to leverage.

Related to that, the introduction of Microsoft’s “CoPilot” ecosystem is smart. IT’s telling al lthe humans that you don’t need to fear it, it’s an assistant to support you in bringing the most relevant information to light and to save on menial tasks. Surfacing insights will be far easier, it seems.