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I just listened to a most engaging presentation by a colleague. This got me thinking about what makes a great presentation, which goes hand in hand with some interesting Tiktoks I’ve been seeing. This post… Read More »Presentations

2023-03 Retrospective

Personal Oh my goodness, I hate boats! There are so many complications that arise just from the fact that it’s a floating thing… We managed to rid ourselves of our boat, but after a lot… Read More »2023-03 Retrospective


I’ve decided that instead of doing either ad-hoc or infrequent “meaningful” posts, I would like to do monthly retrospectives covering three areas: Personal, Professional, and Tech. Personal is any learnings I have about myself as… Read More »Retrospectives

2023-02 Retrospective

Personal I’ve learned that boats are expensive and complicated. I don’t like them. I’m continuing on my note-taking journey and re-opening Obsidian. I’ll see how it goes. Professional February has been a time of change.… Read More »2023-02 Retrospective