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2023-02 Retrospective


I’ve learned that boats are expensive and complicated. I don’t like them.

I’m continuing on my note-taking journey and re-opening Obsidian. I’ll see how it goes.


February has been a time of change. New team members have joined us, and others have left for what is hopefully greener pastures. This type of movement makes me reflect on what motivates people, and what makes them stay in an organization and remain engaged and productive team members. The three types of commitment commonly seen in academic literature are affective, normative, and continuance commitments. Here is more information on the topic: Organizational Commitment: 7 Ways HR Can Contribute – AIHR. Unfortunately, scholarly articles are locked behind paywalls. Here’s a pretty picture about it:


Went out with some coworkers for far too many drinks and stayed out way too late, which was painful to live through the next day, certainly helps create bonds between people.


AI made a splash with ChatGPT. Lots of experimentation on my part. A mixed bag of results, but mostly positive. I can see the #strategy from Microsoft’s vantage point. I’m excited to see where they might ramp up their Syntex strategies and offerings. AI/ML would help the organizational / SharePoint search and discovery.